How to Troubleshoot Netflix Error NW-2-5 – [8 Fixes]

How to Troubleshoot Netflix Error NW-2-5 – [8 Fixes]

Nothing feels more frustrating than when Netflix, the feature-rich streaming app, stops working. The Netflix error NW-2-5 prevents the device from reaching Netflix, because of which you cannot view your favorite shows.

The error code indicates an issue with the network. Everything, including your internet connection, Wi-Fi, and router, can be potential culprits. The error message can be encountered on any device, such as Xbox, PlayStations, and smart TVs.

Read on to learn the different ways to fix this problem, and watch Netflix uninterrupted.

Fix 1: Examine Your Device’s Internet Connectivity

A lousy internet connection is one of the most common causes of NW-2-5 Netflix errors. It is best to find the speed of your internet with a speed test. You can also test your current internet connection by using another app that relies on the internet to function.

Note that Netflix customer service cannot help you in this case. You must go through the user manual of your specific device where you are streaming Netflix shows. If this doesn’t help, connect with the device’s manufacturer for advanced troubleshooting.

Fix 2: Inspect the DNS Setting

NW-2-5 error code can also arise due to a DNS settings issue if you use PlayStation or Xbox. But you can configure your DNS settings again on these devices to fix the issue. Here’s how to do that.

  • On the controller, touch the ‘Guide’ button.
  • Now move to ‘Settings’ and hit ‘System Setting.’
  • Choose ‘Network Setting.’
  • After that, pick your network.
  • Hit ‘Configure Network’ and move to ‘DNS Setting.’
  • Select ‘Automatic.’
  • Finally, start your device again.

Fix 3: Restart the Device and Home Network

Power cycling devices can fix Netflix error NW-2-5. It means shutting down the device completely, unplugging it from its outlets, and plugging it back in.

No matter which device you use for Netflix, power cycling them will be an effective fix. Some of them may have a low-power mode. They enter this mode when you push the ‘Power’ button. So, you must turn off the device and then unplug it.

  • To restart the Home network, turn off the modem and router.
  • Unplug the modem and router and re-plug them.
  • Wait for around 20 seconds.
  • After that, turn them on.
  • Now, connect the device to the correct network.

Fix 4: Use a Free Public DNS Server

Your internet service provider makes the DNS server available so you can load websites easily. In their absence, the Netflix application cannot load.

However, sometimes, your ISP can provide a DNS server with inherent issues. So, it would help if you switched to a public DNS server. It’s also a good method to use if you are going to a foreign country.

If your current DNS servers are broken, use public DNS servers by Google. It is and You can easily change the DNS provider by using the ‘Settings’ menu in Windows. Mac users can go to ‘System Preferences’ and change the DNS provider.

If you use any other smart device, consult its user manual to learn about the process of changing the DNS provider.

Fix 5: Find Whether Streaming Can Take Place with Your Connection

Are you living in a place where the internet service provider’s network cannot manage multiple users streaming in a single go? You are more likely to encounter this specific error code.

Users with a mobile data connection can also face this error. If you are in such a situation and wondering how do I fix a Netflix error code NW-2-5, use a VPN.

However, sometimes VPN connections can also face blocking attempts in places where Netflix streaming has been blocked. So, the next step should be to connect with your internet service provider. Ask them whether there are blocking attempts on Netflix. If possible, switch to another provider.

Fix 6: Make Your Wi-Fi Signal Stronger

A weak Wi-Fi signal won’t let you have a good streaming experience. So here are some good methods to boost the Wi-Fi signal.

  • Position your streaming device and router nearer to each other.
  • Putting them in the same room will be more effective.
  • Position your router away from wireless appliances.
  • Your router should be in an open space.
  • Don’t place it on the floor.
  • Instead, put it on an object such as a bookshelf.

Fix 7: Bypass the Router

If the router seems to be the leading cause of the issue, bypassing it fully will be the best solution. But this method is ideal for devices with Ethernet connections, not with phones and tablets.

  • Turn off the streaming device.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to link the device to the modem.
  • Switch off the modem and wait for half a minute.
  • Now plug the modem back and wait till its lights blink.
  • Turn on your device.
  • Connect back to Netflix.

Fix 8: Re-download the Netflix App

Re-activating Netflix also sometimes works to fix this problem. So, if you haven’t yet found a workable solution for Netflix error NW-2-5, deactivate the app and reactivate it.

Simply uninstall Netflix on your device. After that, go to the device’s App Store and download it again. Log in to your Netflix account after the app downloads on your device.

Significant Reasons for Netflix Error NW-2-5

Error NW-2-5 is a result of two primary causes. The first is your device’s inability to link to the router. The second is connectivity problems between Netflix and your device.

Software bugs can cause this interruption in connectivity. Put, an obstruction between your device and the Netflix application results in this error code.

Final Words

Now you have several solutions to try to fix error code NW-2-5 in Netflix. It all boils down to fixing the connectivity problem. Use these solutions one by one and find out what generated the error. You can also contact Netflix Customer Service to learn more about troubleshooting similar errors.

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