Privacy Policy

Regarding our user’s privacy, we are very careful and consider it our top priority. At digitechassist, all the clauses, policies, and sub-clauses are applied. Besides, they do not apply impact, third parties, or services on our website. In the coming days, all these policies are subject and revision and might be updated. For any updates, you are advised to check this page.

Data Collected by Digitechassist

For the betterment of our website, and to enhance user experience, we collect data to provide better service. The data collected by them are

Mobile: Through the mobile app, data is also collected. We provide information related to advertisements, services, shows, services, and other personalized content by using this app.

Automated Data: Through the use of cookies automated communication takes palace when you visit our website. Cookies are small files that get stored on your phone or computer and can transfer automated data such as language, visit duration, type of browser you used, etc.

User-Generated Data: The data which you give is collected by us that include your comments, feedback, surveys, likes, or shares of your blogs. Besides, when signing up for our newsletter the address that you provide us.

How is your data used at Digitechassist?

We use the collected data only for improvement purposes as well as for providing the best user experience. For enhancing our website and mobile app the data collected via automated channels are used by the technical team. By using the mobile device, browser type, language, and other forms of data we are able to create various content for our users.

During the sign-up for the newsletter, the email address provided by you is used for informing our users about various services, offers, deals, and discounts. By Digitechassist, the comments, likes and shares you make are used for marketing purposes.

On Digitechassist affiliates and external links

There are many external links at digitechassist that are present in our articles, blogs, and other websites. With different affiliates and third parties, we work closely. Over these websites, there is no control. Once you tap on these links you will be rerouted to external websites. For your privacy or data security on these web pages, we are not liable. Thus, you need to check the privacy policies of each of these links.

How do we protect our user data?

For better privacy protection, our technical staff performs regular audits and checks the security steps on our app and website. If you have any issue regarding a data breach then you can immediately inform us by providing all the details so that we can take action soon.

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