How Do I Contact Disney Plus Customer Service

How Do I Contact Disney Plus Customer Service

How do I contact Disney Plus customer service? Dial 080 822 1416 to get in touch with the customer support agents at Disney Plus. You can also use the Help Centre of Disney Plus to get answers to common issues. Disney Plus also offers online chat to help customers resolve common issues. You can also email your concerns to Besides, mailing your inquiries to the corporate address of Disney Plus is another way to get support.

Let’s find out more about these support mediums below.

What Is the Phone Number for the Disney Channel?

There is not one Disney Plus customer service phone number. Several contact numbers are there, which you can use to get help with different issues. If you want to complain about a program, dial 1-818-460-7477. You can also use it to provide feedback about a program.

1-888-905-7888 is another Disney Plus customer service number. This number can be used to speak with a support representative. You will, however, be responsible for any local or international fees.

Can You Talk to Disney Plus Through Chat?

Yes, Disney Plus offers online chat as a support option. To avail yourself of chat support, visit the Disney Plus Help Center. Here, you can find the Online Chat option at the bottom of the page.

Note that the online chat option does not connect you with a real support agent. You can get answers to problems with account management, passwords, and Disney Plus error codes through chat support. This support is given by a virtual assistant. So, if your query is more nuanced, directly talking to a Disney Plus customer service agent will be the correct course of action.

How To Send An Email To Disney Plus Support?

If you want to email Disney Plus your problem, send a message to This email is for general support and information. Typically, it is responded to by the help center’s customer support agents at Disney Plus.

Another email for Disney Plus support is The corporate email address of the service is

If you want to get in touch with Disney Plus customer service for privacy issues, send a message to 

Contact Disney Plus Through the Help Center

Use the Disney Plus Help Center for assistance if you need it and Disney Plus isn’t responding. Observe these guidelines.

1. Go to the Disney Plus Help Center by opening your browser.

2. To access the next page, scroll to the bottom after selecting your problem. If it is not among the suggested, use the search bar at the top to locate it.

4. You might be able to fix the issue without seeking advice from an agent.

5. Choose Give Us a Call.

6. Click Call Us after providing a brief description of your issue.

7. Make a call to the number you see. To receive a callback if you are unable to reach an expert, press #2.

8. The Disney Plus Help Center is a great resource to seek answers to various topics of concern. Once there, tap Get in Touch to access support by phone and other mediums.

9. Tap the Account & Billing option to learn more about handling account and billing issues.

10. If you have any questions about your Disney Bundle, tap the Disney Bundle topic.

11. For those who face errors while accessing the service, the option Watching Disney+ will prove handy.

12. This page will also help you update your password and fix Disney Plus login issues.

13. If there is a technical problem, hit the Fix a Problem tab.

14. Use the Error Code tab if you encounter a Disney Plus error message.

How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription?

If you want to cancel Disney Plus, the process is very simple. Follow these steps to end your subscription and get a refund (if it is applicable)

  1. Login to your Disney Plus account.
  2. Now, choose your profile.
  3. Select Account, and after that, find the Subscription section.
  4. Here, tap the Cancel Subscription option.
  5. Confirm it, and you are done.

Disney Plus issues refunds only in certain circumstances. If your refund request has been approved by Disney+ support, you will get the refund within 14 business days. Here’s how to apply for it.

  1. Navigate to the Disney Plus Help Center on your browser.
  2. Scroll down and tap Contact Us.
  3. Choose Get in Touch.
  4. Tap Account & Payment in the next window.
  5. Now, select the View Your Disney Plus Charges link.
  6. You will see information about refunds.
  7. Select Get in Touch once again, and you can chat with an advisor or call Disney Plus to place your refund request.

Concluding Words

You can easily contact Disney Plus customer service via phone, chat, and Help Center. The support agents will assist you with any kind of account, billing, and channel issues. Keep this detailed guide with you and refer to it whenever you need to access a Disney+ support medium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you talk to people on Disney+?

You can talk to customer support agents on Disney+ through the support number. Dial 888 905-7888 to connect with Disney+ customer service.

How do I report a problem on Disney+?

Visit the Disney Plus Help Center. On the homepage, find the Feedback button below the

Does Disney Plus have a chat?

Disney Plus has an online chat option available on the Disney Plus Help Center. The chat support is delivered through a virtual assistant.

Why can’t I reach Disney Plus?

If the Disney Plus customer service is receiving an abnormally high number of requests, you won’t be able to reach it. In such a case, we advise that you seek chat support or visit the Disney Plus Help Center.

Is Disney Plus on the phone?

The Disney Plus app is compatible with all Android devices. You can install it on Android tablets and phones with an OS of 5.0 or later.

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