How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-TS207

How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-TS207

Hulu is one of the best and most popular streaming services. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t ever encounter any problems while attempting to watch shows. The Hulu error code P-TS207 is one of those problems that users frequently face.

Usually, it points to a playback issue. If you face this problem, you cannot access anything on Hulu. In this article, we’ll go over this problem in greater detail.

What is the Hulu Error Code P-TS207

Hulu error code P-TS207 frequently arises in various devices, like Apple TV, Fire TV, Android phones, and desktop computers. The playback error happens when the device used for networking encounters a streaming problem. Usually, Roku users face this problem more than users of other devices.

If this problem has been troubling you lately, you should know its causes and how to address them.

Possible Causes of Hulu Error Code P-TS207

The following are the key factors that cause the P-TS207 problem on Hulu.

  • Internal glitches with the Hulu app can result in this error. It leads to other problems like inconsistent playback and Hulu being unable to sync.
  • When the server cannot establish a consistent connection with the streaming device, the P-TS207 error occurs in Hulu.
  • If your device is encountering problems with the physical connections, you may encounter this error code.

8 Methods to Fix Hulu Error Code P-TS207

Common solutions to fix the P-TS207 error on Hulu are quite simple. Use these methods and get back to streaming content.

1. Check internet connection

A prominent reason for the P-TS207 error is the low speed of the internet. You may use measures like changing the modem’s location to a higher base or keeping it near your system.

If the issue persists, use an Ethernet cable connection. Also, check if your connection is shared. Too many devices can bring down the internet speed.

POINT TO NOTE: You need 6 Mbps internet speed for HD Hulu streaming and 8 Mbps speed for Hulu + Live TV streaming.

2. Power cycle the router

Another good way to fix the connectivity issue and, thereby, the error code P-TS207 on Hulu is power cycling the router.

  • Start by unplugging the router from its socket.
  • Now, wait for around 10 minutes.
  • Plug in the router after this time and check the connectivity status.
  • You can now stream content on Hulu uninterruptedly.

3. Restart the Hulu app

Another easy fix is to fully shut down the Hulu app and restart it.

  • Sign out of your account on Hulu.
  • After that, close the Hulu app.
  • Now, reboot your device.
  • Once it restarts, open the Hulu app and log into your account.
  • Now try streaming content and see if the error persists.

4. Delete the cache of the device and app

Hulu stores temporary files and data on streaming devices. When these temporary data and files get corrupted, it leads to errors like P-TS207. So, clearing the device and app cache is a good fix for this problem.

Here’s how Android and iPhone Hulu users can clear the cache and data.

  • Android
  1. Access the ‘Settings’ of your phone and choose ‘Apps.’
  2. Locate Hulu and click it.
  3. Now, choose ‘Storage’ followed by clicking ‘Clear cache and data.’
  • iPhone
  1. access the ‘Settings’ of your device and choose ‘General.’
  2. Now touch ‘IPhone Storage’ and choose ‘Hulu.’
  3. Delete the app and uninstall it.
  4. After that, reinstall it and try streaming.

5. Update the application

An outdated version of the Hulu application can make you encounter error code P Dash TS207 on Hulu. Updating the application is extremely simple. Just go to the App Store on your device.

Once there, tap the ‘Update’ button to get the latest patches. After that, open the Hulu app and check if you can stream content.

Windows 10 users can go to Microsoft Store. Here select ‘Downloads and updates,’ find the Hulu app, and click ‘Get updates.’ Lastly, relaunch the Hulu app.

6. Re-open or update the web browser

Those who use their web browsers to watch shows on Hulu can restart their browser upon encountering this error. Here’s the process for restarting the Google Chrome web browser on Windows 10.

  • Windows 10
  1. Launch the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. Now, choose ‘Google Chrome’ in the ‘Processes’ tab.
  3. Press ‘End Task.’
  4. Close the Task Manager and re-open Google Chrome.
  5. Login to your Google account and start streaming.
  • Mac
  1. Go to the browser window.
  2. Hit the ‘Apple’ button at the upper-left part.
  3. Choose ‘Force Quit.’
  4. Re-open the web browser and watch Hulu content.

7. Update your operating system.

An old version of the operating system is highly vulnerable to graphics issues. This impacts video streaming services like Hulu. Updating your operating system can help you eliminate Hulu error code P-TS207.

  • Windows
  1. Hit the Windows key and input ‘check for updates.’
  2. Now hit Enter.
  3. Tap the ‘Check for updates’ button.
  4. Tap ‘Download’ if there are available updates.
  5. Wait for some time till your system is getting updated.
  6. Now, reboot your system and see if the error is there.
  • Android
  1. Access the Settings area and go to ‘System.’
  2. Now choose ‘Advanced’ and click ‘System Update.’
  3. Wait for some minutes till your Android device is getting updated.
  4. After that, reboot it and find out if the error occurs.
  • Mac
  1. Tap the Apple button and move to ‘Software update.’
  2. Let macOS find updates.
  3. Now tap ‘Update now.’
  4. Give your admin credentials when prompted.
  5. Finally, reboot your Mac and check for error code P Dash TS207 on Hulu.

8. Modify and disable the VPN

Sometimes, this error can also be because of the location. Hulu may not stream certain shows in specific locations. So, if you are using a VPN service, change or disable it. You can do that by accessing the ‘Settings menu and choosing the ‘Network and Internet’ option.

Summing up

These simple measures will help you fix the P-TS207 error on Hulu. Thus you can get back to enjoying your shows quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I keep receiving error code P-TS207 on Hulu?

P-TS207 error code on Hulu can arise because of network connectivity issues, browser cache, and server outages. The device you are using to stream content on Hulu may be experiencing an issue.

How many devices can I log into Hulu?

You can download the Hulu application and activate your account on any number of supported devices. However, if you want to stream simultaneously, use only two of them. Otherwise, you will view an error message.

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