How to Fix Hulu Error Code 503 Service Unavailable

How to Fix Hulu Error Code 503 Service Unavailable

Hulu is a popular video streaming service giving users access to a wide range of entertainment. However, like other devices, it isn’t fully immune to encountering errors. The Hulu error code 503 is an HTTP Status code that arises when users try to access an online service.

The error implies that your chosen service is presently unavailable. It largely points to a problem with the Hulu servers. However, sometimes, the error can be due to problems with your system.

This post will give you different fixes to resolve this error code so that you can access the service quickly.

What Is Hulu Error Code 503 Server Error

The error code 503 of Hulu is a server error and arises due to the unavailability of the Hulu service. It shows that the server is temporarily unavailable, which can be because of excessive traffic or because the server is under maintenance.

Sluggish internet connectivity is also one of the prominent reasons for the error message. Additionally, using an obsolete version of Hulu can prevent you from accessing content properly.

9 Fixes For Hulu Code 503 Unavailable Error

Fix 1: Examine the Server Status of Hulu

Sometimes, you may find this error due to glitches in the Hulu server. If the server is down, wait till their support team fixes it.

Check if this is the case by going to Isitdownrightnow or Downdetector. If the server status shows down, wait until it starts working fine.

Fix 2: Turn on Your Device After Turning It Off

This is another preliminary fix for the Hulu error code 503. If the error is due to a temporary issue with your device, restarting will almost certainly resolve it.

Power off your device and power it again. If you have trouble performing a restart, follow the particular guidelines for your device. After that, check if this error code is still there.

Fix 3: Restart the Home Network

The Hulu error code 503 is often the result of a glitch with your home network. So, a simple way to resolve this glitch is to restart your modem and router.

  • Take out the power cable from your modem and router.
  • Now, wait for a period of half a minute.
  • Next, plug the cable into your router.
  • Let the device’s lights turn steady.
  • After that, plug the cable back into your modem.
  • Wait till its lights become stable.
  • You may need to wait up to five minutes for the internet connectivity to establish.

Fix 4: Check the Expiry of Your Subscription Plan

You may not know that your Hulu subscription plan has expired. If it has, the Hulu servers will block you from accessing any content on the streaming service.

Apart from this, find out whether you have various subscriptions for a single Hulu subscription plan. This produces several orders, which Hulu does not allow.

As a result, you cannot view any content through it.

Fix 5: Refresh the Cache from Your Browser

The web browser keeps a cache on your system to help you with a better browsing experience. But if there are too many caches, it can lead to errors like the Hulu error code 503.

So, clear the cache with these points.

  • Head to ‘Settings’ on your web browser.
  • In Google Chrome, the settings have a three-dot icon.
  • Now, tap ‘More Tools.’
  • After that, click ‘Clear browsing data.’
  • You can clear the browsing data of all time.
  • Check the different boxes for cookies, site data, browsing history, and cached images and files.
  • After that, hit ‘Clear data’ and exit the window.
  • Restart your system and launch Hulu.

POINT TO NOTE: An easy way to clear the browsing cache is to press Ctrl + F5.

Fix 6: Fix Incompatible DNS Settings

Incompatible DNS settings can also be behind the 503 error code on Hulu. If this is the cause, you must fix the error as soon as possible.

Flush the DNS and resolve the problem through these points.

  • Access the command prompt. Make sure to have admin privileges.
  • Now paste this command in the window: ipconfig/flushdns
  • After some time, you will see the ‘Successfully flushed the DNS resolver cache’ text.
  • Now you can start your web browser again and inspect if the error has been eliminated.

Fix 7: Use a VPN

Sometimes, the Content Delivery Network of Hulu blocks your access to the content. This is most often a consequence of suspicious activity or your area being unsupported by Hulu.

If the local CDN node is out of order, you may encounter Hulu error code 503. All this is fixable by using a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

This is because a VPN can bypass this CDN blockage. It routs the internet connection through a server where Hulu is available.

When you employ a VPN, your system will set up a safe connection to a server in a different location. It’ll display your location as the same one as the server. Thus, by bypassing the location restrictions, you can access content on Hulu.

Fix 8: Reinstall the Hulu Application

Uninstall the Hulu app from your device. After some time, set it up again. You may find the streaming service working like before.

It is possible that the incorrect installation of Hulu prevented you from viewing content. After reinstalling, it will function as usual.

Fix 9: Refresh the Page You Are Viewing

Often, this specific error can occur because the Hulu website is under maintenance. If this is the current scenario, a simple fix is refreshing the web page.

Alternatively, you can also visit the page again. When you refresh a page, your web browser calls for a new copy of the page on the server. It can fix this error code, but only if it is not because of a glitch on the Hulu website.

Final Words

Hulu is a great video streaming service and so, any error in it can halt your daily dose of entertainment. But now you can resolve the 503 error code on the app with these quick measures. If you need further help, contact a Hulu Customer Service number

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