How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 92

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 92

Disney Plus offers its subscribers an amazing array of web series, originals, films, and shows. So when it doesn’t function or throws up error codes, the situation can feel frustrating. One such annoying problem that users frequently encounter is the Disney Plus error code 92. It points out that you haven’t either upgraded your Disney Plus App or there are issues in your connection and server.

The error message prompts you to try again later. But that doesn’t make the situation any better. Thankfully, there are some tried-and-tested ways to fix it. In this article, we have elaborated on them so you can continue your streaming experience.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 92

Error 92 on Disney Plus appears when people try streaming shows on their devices like computers, phones, and tablets. It pops up the message ‘Due to a high number of requests, we’ve temporarily throttled traffic from your IP address. Please try again later (Error Code 92).’

It is often an outcome of the system detecting dubious activity from a particular IP address. However, the error is temporary in nature and goes away once the user implements corrective measures.

Possible Reasons for the Disney Plus Error Code 92

The major causes behind error code 92 on the Disney Plus streaming service are mentioned below.

  • You are watching Disney Plus on an old app version.
  • The error can arise because of recurring failed attempts to update your payment method.
  • A sluggish internet connectivity
  • The VPN is on.
  • Interruptions from your antivirus
  • A glitch with your device.

6 Ways to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 92

Now you are adequately aware of the different causes behind the error code 92 in Disney Plus. It is time to find the troubleshooting techniques that will help you eliminate the problem.

1. Fix your internet connection

A poor or unstable internet connection will not let you stream Disney Plus content uninterruptedly. No matter which device you use, you must have a good internet connection.

If you are streaming content on your smartphone, connect to a wireless connection. You can also try watching content in an area with good signal strength.

PC users should ensure that their router is properly functioning. We also recommend you go online and get your internet speed checked. You should have a good speed to watch shows without any disturbance.

2. Power cycle your device

Do you have a good internet connection but still face this problem? In such a case, you may still be searching for a fix.

Well, the next technique is to power cycle or reboot the streaming device. A power cycle refreshes your connection. It also removes excessive cache, which is the cause of many errors.

It is very easy to power cycle your device. All you should do is power off your device for a few minutes. If you are a PC user, take out the power cord from the machine’s back. Now, after a few minutes, plug the power cord back in.

Are you wondering Disney Plus error code how long will it take to fix the problem with power cycling? It will only take a few minutes for the issue to get resolved.

But if you still face the error code 92, go through the subsequent troubleshooting technique below.

3. Remove and install the Disney Plus application

Sometimes, the installation of the Disney Plus app gets corrupt. It may result in error code 92. So, you can re-download the app and then try streaming.

  • On the Run dialog, type appwiz.cpl.’
  • Hit Enter.
  • Now, tap ‘Uninstall‘ from the menu that shows after right-clicking on the Disney Plus application.
  • This will clear the application.
  • Now, reinstall Disney Plus on your device.
  • Ensure to get the latest Disney Plus version.

4. Refresh the Disney Plus site and clear the cache

Damaged cache files result in various errors in Disney Plus. So, learn how to fix Disney Plus error code 92 by clearing the cache and refreshing your web browser.

  • You can clear the cache of your web browser by heading to the ‘Settings‘ section.
  • Choose to delete the site data and browsing history.
  • After that, refresh the Disney Plus website.
  • If using an Android device to stream content on Disney Plus, follow these steps to clear the cache.
  • Head to the ‘Settings‘ app.
  • Now, select the Disney Plus app.
  • Choose ‘Storage and Cache.’
  • In the end, tap ‘Clear Cache.’

POINT TO NOTE: You cannot clear the cache on iPhone or iPad. If you want to clear them, redownload the Disney Plus app.

5. Examine the DNS server configuration

Your ISP gives a default DNS server to every device on your network. This server translates hostnames to IP addresses. If your server isn’t giving you good connectivity, try another one. You can choose from many free DNS servers.

6. Get the latest Disney Plus version on your device

Many people who use an outdated Disney Plus app version frequently face error code 92. Old app versions may contain technical bugs that prevent you from streaming content.

So, it is wise to update your Disney Plus application to the latest release. When you re-download the app, you will automatically get its latest version.

Summing up

These were all the different ways to troubleshoot the error code 92 on the Disney Plus app. One of them will surely give you the desired result, and you will be able to stream content without any disturbance. If you need more assistance troubleshooting errors like this one, contact Disney Plus Customer Service Number


How do I get rid of error code 92 Disney Plus?

You can get rid of the error code 92 on your Disney Plus in many ways. Start by rebooting your streaming devices, and see if your app needs an update. Deleting the browser cache and ensuring a good internet connection are other great fixes for this problem.

Why does Disney Plus keep giving me an error?

You may constantly get an error on your Disney Plus if you are using an old app version. So, get the latest version installed or download the app by deleting it. Alternatively, you can try running Disney Plus on another device and see if you still get an error.

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