How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 – [2024 Guide]

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 – [2024 Guide]

Queen Ramonda requests Shuri to research more on “Heart Shaped Herb” to create another Black Panther. But Shuri… AWW SNAP, it’s Disney Plus error code 39! Isn’t it the biggest turn-off?

A problem like this can spoil your entire evening. So, it’s better to find a good solution and continue watching great movies without hindrance. But who’s going to give the solution?

Don’t worry; we’re here; to give you 7 effective solutions for the Disney Plus error code. But to know the solution, you’ve to know the problem. So, let’s find out what Disney Plus Error Code is and what causes it.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 39 |

According to reports, Disney+ error code 39 commonly happens when users try to access the platform outside the USA. However, copyright issues aren’t the only factor that causes the glitch.

Poor internet connectivity and HDMI Cable could also be the causes of this issue. In either case, it’s the viewers who suffer the repercussions of the glitch. So, it’s better to find the solution and continue watching mind-blowing shows and movies.

7 Ways to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 and Continue Watching Your Shows

Now that you know Disney Plus error code 39, find unique solutions and return to watching your favorite movies.

1. Try Replaying Your Video

Many times, your Disney+ error code gets fixed by just replaying the video. So, give the video another shot and try restarting the video. However, if it still doesn’t work, you must take further steps and find other solutions.

2. Change Your Streaming Device

Changing the streaming device can help you return your video if you’re outside the USA. Although the Disney Plus error code commonly takes place on Xbox One, it can happen on any other device if you’re outside the USA.

So, whether it’s Disney Plus error code 39 on Xbox one or any other streaming device, try changing the streaming device. And if you’re still facing the issue, the problem may be something else.

3. Try Restarting Your Application or Streaming Device

If you don’t have any other option to stream your videos, you can try restarting your application or streaming device. Switch off your device, keep it unplugged for 10 seconds, and turn it on again.

If it still doesn’t work, you can simultaneously power cycle your streaming device and TV. And if it works, you must repeat the process until you get successful HDMI connectivity.

4. Try a Standard HDMI instead of HDMI Cables

If restarting doesn’t work, your HDMI cable may be evil here. Sometimes, when viewers use consoles like Xbox One or a computer monitor, they experience such errors. Therefore, it’s better to troubleshoot HDMI cables and ports in such cases.

But if it still doesn’t fix the problem, it’s probably the HDMI cables. At times, Using HDMI cables like VGA can cause error code 39. Therefore, try changing your HDMI cables to Standard HDMI.

5. Try Reinstalling Your Application for Disney Plus error code 39

Reinstalling your application is a great way to eliminate error code 39. So, you can delete the application from your phone or computer, clear cache files, and try reinstalling it.

After that, switch off and switch on your phone, and try logging in again. If things still don’t work out, you can try factory resetting your device.

6. Try Factory Resetting Your Devices

Sometimes Disney Plus error code 39 on Xbox One or other streaming devices could be cache files. At such times, you can clear all the cache files and try factory resetting your system.

Factory Resetting your device can bring back your videos and end the error. However, if it doesn’t work out, it might be a Disney Plus problem, and you’ve nothing to do with it.

7. Call Disney Plus customer care for External Support

Finally, if nothing works out, you might have to call Disney Plus for the error code. At times, Disney Plus error code 39 is the OTT platform’s problem, and you can’t do anything about it.

So, you should call their customer service, and they will try to resolve the issue for you. And if it still doesn’t work out, you just have to wait and check if they’ve fixed the problem.


Here are all the possible fixes for Disney Plus error code 39 used by the Disney Plus Customer Service. So, read these suggestions, find the best fit for yourself, and enjoy your favorite shows on Disney Plus. Happy Streaming!


How do I fix the Disney Plus error code on Xbox One?

There are several ways to fix the Disney error code on Xbox One. Here are some ways:
· Call Disney Plus customer care
· Try reinstalling the Disney Plus application on your gaming console
· Start using standard HDMI instead of HDMI cables
· Factory reset your gaming console after clearing the cache
· Try restarting your streaming device and check

What does Disney plus error code 39 mean?

Disney Plus error code 39 occurs when the application data gets corrupted temporarily. This data corruption occurs when you access the application from your Xbox One or outside the USA. If you face such a problem, check the internet connection, and call Disney Plus’s customer care.

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