A Complete Sling TV Customer Service Guide

A Complete Sling TV Customer Service Guide

Sling TV customers, although not often, sometimes complain about the streaming service’s network. But without proper information on Sling TV customer service, they cannot take their complaints forward.

The scenario, however, must change. And therefore, this post will provide you with not one but multiple ways to contact Sling TV customer care executives.

So, here we go!                                                                    

Finding Out Sling TV Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, And Social Media Handles

Sling TV is there on every social media account, has an official mail ID, and offers live chat services. However, there’s no Sling TV customer service telephone number available.

Therefore, if any website claims they possess Sling Tv’s phone number, it’s a lie, and they’ll con you. With that being said, let’s jump into the world of Sling TV and find ways to contact it.

1. Finding Sling TV’s Social Media Handles

Sling TV is on most of the social media handles. Moreover, their social media management team is highly efficient.

Hence, whenever you DM them or write in their comments section, they immediately revert and help you solve your issue.

A detailed list of Sling TV’s social media handles is as follows:

  • The Instagram ID of Sling TV is: Sling
  • The Twitter ID of Sling TV is: @slinganswers and @sling
  • The Facebook ID of Sling TV is: Sling TV
  •  The Youtube ID of Sling TV is: @slingTV

2. Finding Sling TV’s Email ID

If you don’t want to approach Sling TV publicly but on a personal level, you can email them. And rest assured; your pleas will be heard.

However, please note that as Sling TV’s customer care executives receive hundreds of emails every day, It’ll take some time for them to reply.

Therefore, if you consent to the waiting period, email them to resolve your issues.

Sling TV’s official customer care email ID for customers is news@sling.com.

You can explain your problems in your email and send them whenever you want.

3. Finding A Way to Chat With Sling TV

The chatting option with Sling TV is also simple and easy to locate. But there is one thing that you must know before you start chatting with them.

That is, Sling TV has two chat options available. So, if you’re a personal subscriber, there’s one chatting option for you. And if you are a company availing of Sling TV’s service, there’s another chatting option.

Hence, let’s find out how you can access the channel’s official chatting service as a company personnel and an individual.

  • To chat with Sling TV as a regular customer, log in to: www.getsling.com
  • Company Personnel can log in to Sling TV by typing: https://login.getsling.com

Once you log in to Sling TV’s official page, you will find a Chat sign in the bottom right corner. Just click it to start chatting.

Concluding Words

Sling TV customer service is always ready to assist you and solve your problems. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact them. However, please maintain courtesy while contacting Sling TV and do not aggressively show your frustration.

So, I have provided you with every important detail about the customer service of Sling TV. Now you can contact them to resolve your issue.


Can You Tell Me A Way to Contact The Sling TV?

You can contact Sling TV on their social media networks, or you can chat with them and send them an email. However, there’s no Sling TV customer service phone number in the USA or Puerto Rico.

Is There Any Way to Talk to Someone At Sling TV?

Yes, you can chat with your customer care executive and ask them to solve your problem. Or you can tag Sling TV on your Tweets, and they’ll revert immediately.

May I Know The Process of Canceling Sling TV Customer service?

To unsubscribe Sling from your device, you first have to visit www.sling.com and log into your account. Once you enter your account, you can easily cancel your Sling membership by following the application’s guide.

Can You Tell Me A Way to Chat With a Sling Customer Care Executive?

Finding out how to chat with Sling isn’t difficult at all. Log in to getsling.com, and you’ll find a chat icon on the right corner of your account page’s bottom. Select the option, and you’ll be connected to one of Sling’s customer care executives.

Will Sling TV Provide Me With Refunds If I Cancel Before My Next Billing Service?

No, you won’t receive any refund even if you cancel your Sling subscription before your next billing cycle. However, if you cancel your Sling subscription within the first month of your annual billing cycle, Sling TV will issue a refund as you’ve hardly watched any shows on Sling TV.

Is it Hard to Cancel a Sling TV Subscription?

No, it’s not difficult to cancel a Sling TV subscription. In fact, it’s one of the easiest and fastest ways of terminating your subscription. Therefore first, log into your Sling TV account and follow the instructions to unsubscribe.

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