How to Fix Netflix Error Code NSES-500

How to Fix Netflix Error Code NSES-500

The Netflix error code NSES-500 occurs when you try to stream a video on the platform. This error indicates that your browser needs to refresh its cache of stored data. Server problems are also connected to the error. Thus, your best options to fix the error are to either wait a little while, refresh the page, or see if Netflix is unavailable. This is what Netflix has recommended on the official website. However, sometimes, you may need to use other measures as well. If this error has been troubling you to no end, we will help you fix it right away. Just read this article and implement our fixes.

What Is Netflix Error Code NSES-500?

The Netflix error code NSES-500 means that there is a server issue stopping your browser from loading the Netflix website on your device. So, your browser cannot show you the desired content.

When the browser window is open for an extended period, and the information on the Netflix server is inconsistent with the version of the Netflix website that is being displayed, this error code may show.

The NSES-500 error may also be caused by a conflict with temporary internet files that were downloaded from the Netflix website. Apart from this, when the Netflix servers are down, users frequently face this error.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code NSES-500?

By now, you are fully aware of the reasons for the NSES-500 error. Users everywhere face this issue. You will find many posts on Netflix error code NSES-500 on Reddit. Try these measures and see if you can get past this issue.

1.   Reload the page

The first best technique is to refresh the page on Netflix. Press the reload icon beside the address bar and launch Netflix again. Wait for around 10 to 15 minutes after reloading. If you still cannot access content, reload the page again. If the problem is still there, use the next fix.

2.   Find out if Netflix is down today.

A server outage is commonly a cause of Netflix error code NSES-500. Visit the status page of Netflix here and find out the server status. If the servers are under maintenance, just wait for a few hours. The error NSES-500 will get resolved on its own. You may look for updates about the status at frequent intervals. As soon as the servers start working, open Netflix and access the content you want to stream.

3.   Sign into Netflix again

If the solution so far has not fixed the issue, use this technique. Sign out and sign back into Netflix. When you visit the Netflix website, temporary errors may occur. They can harm your account information and result in the Netflix error code NSES-500. So, we advise that you log out of your account and give it a few minutes. After that, log back into Netflix.

4.   Delete cache, cookies, and browsing data.

When we talk about a cache, we usually mean a memory storage area in the streaming device that holds copies of data. These copies let you access websites more quickly. Thus, clearing the cache entails deleting the files that are occupying storage space on your device. Moreover, clearing your cache won’t remove your Netflix downloads because it mostly contains thumbnails and other data.

Tap More at the top right of your browser, like Chrome. Tap More tools followed by Clear browsing data. That’s it. Choose a time range and place a tick on the boxes for Cached images, files, Cookies, and other site data. In the end, hit Clear Data.

5.   Turn off your VPN

Sometimes, a VPN also prevents users from streaming. You may find Netflix error code NSES-500 if your VPN is conflicting with Netflix’s servers. Turn it off and see if you can stream content without any errors.

Also, sometimes, the server to which you wish to connect also has issues. In this case, you will encounter an error, too. So, try a different server on VPN and see if that resolves this error.

Additional Tips to Clear Netflix Error Code NSES-500

You may try some other tips to enhance your streaming on Netflix and clear error NSES-500. Use these quick fixes and start watching your favorite content.

a. Temporarily disable the browser extensions and third-party add-ons. They can conflict with your browser.

b. Reopen your browser. Sometimes, NSES-500 arises when your browser is kept open for an extended period.

c. Uninstall the Netflix app. After a few minutes, install it again. It can clear the error you are experiencing.

d. Fix your internet connection. A good way to do it is to restart your router.

Final Words

We hope that this informative article helps you fix Netflix error code NSES-500. All the above methods are personally tried by us. So, we are sure that you will find them beneficial. If you want to learn more about resolving Netflix issues, contact our Nexflix support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Netflix down NSES 500?

Go to the official status page of Netflix to find out if it is down. If the service is facing any problems, you will get an NSES 500 error code.

What is error 500 on the Netflix app?

The NSES-500 error is a temporary problem related to a server issue. In this error, your browser cannot load the Netflix website because of a server issue. It is recommended that you refresh the page, wait for 15 minutes, and try using Netflix again.

Why does Netflix keep giving an error code?

A repeatedly occurring error code on Netflix implies a network connectivity problem. It prevents your device from contacting Netflix. As a result, you are unable to access any content.

How do I clear my Netflix error code?

To resolve the Netflix error code, test your device’s internet connection. Also, check the speed of your connection. You can do that from the settings of your Netflix app. Other ways include restarting your home network and restoring your default connection settings.

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