How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-dev302

How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-dev302

Hulu offers a great collection of TV shows and movies to its users. Nevertheless, at various points, users encounter various errors while streaming content. The Hulu error code P-dev302 occurs when you access the streaming application via a smart TV, app, or browser.

There are several reasons for the P-dev302 error code. To fix it effectively, you must learn about both the causes and ways to address them.

What Is the Hulu Error Code P-Dev302

The P-dev302 error will occur when you play back or stream a video on Hulu. This problem is basically due to a network connection issue. So, fixing the connection is the best solution for it.

Other than that, it may also occur if the Hulu servers are down. Let’s understand the causes in more detail in the section below.

Possible Reasons for the Hulu P-Dev302 Error Code?

There are various causes for the Hulu 302 error message in the Hulu application. The major ones are as follows.

  • Poor or dropping internet connection
  • The Hulu servers are having an outage
  • Wrong account settings
  • You are using an outdated Hulu app
  • The device on which you stream Hulu is corrupt

7 Methods to Fix Hulu Error Code P-Dev302

After knowing the causes, implement these practical solutions to eliminate the P-dev302 error on Hulu.

1. Sign out and sign back into your Hulu account

Signing out and signing back in is a quick fix for the P-dev302 issue.

  • Simply sign out of your account. This will refresh the information that may fix the issue.
  • Exit the Hulu application.
  • Now sign back into your account.
  • This will help those using Hulu on various devices.
  • Signing back in after signing out will clear the glitches.

2. Fix the internet connectivity.

A fast and stable internet connection is imperative to not encounter the Hulu P-dev302 error code. You can make your connection fast by using the following tips.

  • First, determine the current network speed by doing a speed test.
  • After that, if the signal strength is low, switch to an Ethernet cable connection to stream content on Hulu.
  • Test the internet speed again.
  • Restart the router and check if you can watch shows on Hulu.
  • Reset the router if restarting it doesn’t work.
  • To reset the router, hit the RESET/RST button.

3. Restart the Hulu application on your device

Restarting Hulu can also help to clear the P-dev302 error. if you are using Android TV or Roku TV, use the points below that apply to you.

  • Android TV
  1. Access ‘QuickSettings.’
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘System.’
  3. Now, choose ‘Restart’ followed by ‘Restart’ again
  • Roku TV
  1. Hit the ‘Home’ button and go to ‘System.’
  2. Select the ‘System Restart’ option.
  3. Now choose the ‘Restart’ option.
  4. Your choice to restart will be confirmed.
  5. The Roku player will turn off.
  6. Wait for some time till it powers on.

4. Delete cached data

If your device has stored cached data, that has been corrupted, you will face the Hulu P-dev302 error code. To eliminate the problem, clear the browser cache.

Here’s how to clear the cache on Microsoft Edge

  • Tap the ‘More’ button on your browser.
  • Now, tap the ‘Settings’ option. It is there in the drop-down menu.
  • Look for the ‘Clear browsing data’ option on the Settings screen.
  • Tap this option.
  • Also, click the ‘Choose what to clear’ option.
  • On the next screen, check the ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and other files’ options.
  • Configure the time range to ‘All Time.’
  • Finally, tap the ‘Clear now’ button.

5. Check if the Hulu servers are experiencing an outage

If you are repeatedly encountering the P-dev320 problem, it may indicate a server outage. This implies that there is no problem with your internet connection, device, or the Hulu application.

The problem lies with the Hulu servers, which are not working correctly. They may become fine after a few hours. You can check the official Twitter handle of Hulu and keep yourself updated about the server status.

6. Factory reset your smart TV.

The Hulu error code P-dev302 usually appears on smart TVs. The two most common smart TVs people use for Hulu are the Vizio TV and Samsung TV.

You can factory reset this device if you encounter this problem. We have listed below the steps to reset a Samsung smart TV and a Vizio TV.

  • Reset Samsung smart TV
  1. Start by turning on your TV.
  2. Press the ‘Menu’ button.
  3. Now, choose ‘Support.’
  4. Hit Enter.
  5. Opt for the ‘Self-Diagnosis’ option and press Enter.
  6. Now, choose ‘Reset’ followed by Enter.
  7. Give your security PIN.
  8. The default one is 0000.
  9. In the factory reset screen, tap ‘Yes.’
  10. In this process, your smart TV will turn off.
  11. It will show you the setup screen.
  • Vizio smart TV
  1. Turn off the Vizio smart TV.
  2. Wait for about 30 seconds.
  3. Turn on the TV.
  4. This will eliminate all memory leaks and break up the residual charges.
  5. Your TV will restart, and you can stream Hulu.

7. Update the streaming device’s firmware.

Obsolete device firmware is another common cause of the Hulu error code P-dev302. Here is how to update the Android TV and Roku TV.

  • Android TV
  1. On your Android TV remote, hit the ‘Home’ button.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Support.’
  3. Choose ‘Software update.’
  4. Turn the ‘Auto-update’ On.
  5. You can also select the ‘Update now’ option to install new updates.
  6. Finally, restart your Android TV.
  • Roku TV
  1. On the Roku TV remote, hold the ‘Home’ button.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘System.’
  3. Now, go to ‘System update.’
  4. To display updates, choose ‘Check now.’

Concluding Words

Now you can easily troubleshoot the P-dev302 error and resume watching content on Hulu. These solutions are simple to understand and implement. If You still face this issue Call Hulu Customer Service Number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting the P-dev302 error code?

You will get the P-dev302 error code on Hulu because of a slow internet connection. Problems with the Hulu servers or an internal error on the Hulu application or streaming firmware can also cause this issue.

How can I stop the P-dev302 error code from happening?

Some good ways to prevent the P-dev302 error are fixing your internet connection and updating the device firmware. You can also remove the browser and restart your firmware to resolve the problem.

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