How to Fix Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78

How to Fix Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78

Hulu offers on-demand content such as TV shows and movies. However, to benefit from a smooth streaming experience, users should have a high-speed internet connection and updated device software. It is common to find problems like the Hulu error code DRMCDM78 in the absence of these conditions.

Users of various operating systems like macOS, Linux, and Windows encounter this error code. The error occurs with all content on Hulu, which they try streaming.

The error message goes as follows: We are having trouble…restarting your device.

After that, the error code appears along with its error ID and time. If this problem has been troubling you, we are here to give you its causes and solutions.

Possible Causes of the Hulu Error Code DRMCDM78

The following are the major causes of the DRMCDM78 error message. You must try resolving these causes to fix the problem.

  • Outdated browser version – An outdated browser becomes incompatible with the Hulu website. It cannot follow Hulu’s streaming protocols and encounters the error.
  • Hulu server problem – If the Hulu servers are down, you cannot access the app to stream any show. In this case, you must wait till the problem is resolved from their end.
  • TCP/IP inconsistency – A TCP/IP problem causes issues in internet connectivity. It, in turn, makes it difficult for Hulu to retrieve content from its servers.
  • Corrupted temporary files – if your browser has corrupt temporary files, they will interfere with the browser cache. This error code is a result of this interruption.

4 Ways to Fix the Hulu Error DRMCDM78 Issue

Let’s learn about the best fixes to help you eliminate Hulu error code DRMCDM78.

1. Check the Hulu server status.

The first step to fixing the DRMCDM78 error code is to check the Hulu server status. If the server is having an outage, the error is bound to occur. You cannot resolve it yourself.

Head over to Hulu’s official social media pages to find out about the server status. If people complain of server-related issues, it means there’s an error on the part of Hulu.

You can get assistance from the official support team at Hulu to fix this error. If the servers are down, you’ll need to wait for a couple of hours. After waiting for a few hours, go back to the Hulu platform and check if it’s working.

2. Get browser updates

A good way to prevent yourself from encountering the Hulu error code DRMCDM78 is to update the browser. This will prevent bugs and errors related to the browsers.

We have listed the steps for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

  • Update Google Chrome on Windows and Mac
  1. Open Google Chrome and navigate to its ‘Help’ section.
  2. Choose ‘About Google Chrome.’
  3. If an update is available, install it.
  4. After Google Chrome updates, exit the browser and open it again.
  5. Open Hulu again and check if you can stream videos properly.
  • Linux
  1. Open Terminal and input ‘sudo apt update.’
  2. Press Enter.
  3. Press Y to confirm.
  4. Now, copy and paste this command: ‘sudo apt-get-only-upgrade install google-chrome-stable.’
  5. Hit Enter.
  6. After that, open Google Chrome and run the content on Hulu.

3. Quick reboot or reset your router

A quick router reboot or restart will help you fix the Hulu error DRMCDM78 by clearing the connectivity problems. So if the internet connectivity issues are hindering you from streaming content, this fix will help.

  • Access the back of your router.
  • Here, hit the ‘On-Off’ button. It will cut the power supply to the router.
  • Now, please take out the power cable from its outlet.
  • Wait for a minute to drain the power capacitors.
  • After that, hit the Power button to supply power to your router.
  • Wait for some minutes till the internet connection becomes stable.

if the above measures do not give the desired results, reset your router. However, remember that a router reset will reset all its settings, such as whitelisted devices, forwarded ports, and blocked connections.

  • Find the ‘Reset’ button on the router’s back.
  • Use a pointed object like a screwdriver to reach this button.
  • Hold and press it for 10 seconds.
  • When you see the LED light flashing simultaneously, release it.
  • When the internet connection gets restored, stream Hulu again and see if the problem persists.

4. Delete browser cache

As mentioned earlier, corrupted temp files in the internet browser cause the occurrence of the DRMCDM78 error code. Follow the points below to clear your browser cache.

  • Press the Ctrl and H keys to access the History page.
  • From the left pane, tap ‘Clear browsing data.’
  • Select ‘Time range’ below the ‘Basic’ tab.
  • Tap ‘Browsing history and cookies’ and ‘Other site data.’
  • This will put a tick on these options.
  • Remember that deleting cookies will sign you out from many websites that you previously accessed.
  • Now, tap ‘Clear data.’
  • If you are a Chrome user, tick the box ‘Cached images and files.’ This will clear cached images and files from your browser.
  • Now access Hulu and play the content you want.

The Bottom Line

These methods help fix the DRMCDM78 error on Hulu. Use them and attempt to stream content on Hulu again. If You still Face this Issue again don’t panic Call the Hulu Customer Service Number to Get Quick Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the Hulu video error?

Hulu video errors, such as buffering, video freezing, and poor quality, can be fixed with a few techniques. Improve your internet connection, power cycle your computer, and clear your browser cache. You can also shut down the browser and re-open it. After that, open

Is Hulu having an issue?

If you want to know whether Hulu is having an issue or not, access its social media pages. You can also check its Twitter account and find out information about local outages.

Why is Hulu not loading?

If you face trouble loading Hulu, check for app and system updates. Get the most recent updates by visiting your device’s App Store. After that, clear the cache and data in the settings of your device. This will free up more space and make Hulu load without any issues.

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