How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-DEV340? – [6 Methods]

How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-DEV340? – [6 Methods]

Hulu is one of the best-known streaming services in the US, offering a range of content. But like many other services, it is susceptible to many technical glitches. One of the popular error codes is the Hulu error code P-DEV340. This problem occurs when there’s an issue between the servers of Hulu and your streaming device. You may find it due to an unstable internet connection or an outdated Hulu app.

This error often comes with the message. We are having trouble playing this. It may help if you turn off your device for a few seconds and then try again. Please visit our Help Center if this doesn’t work.

If you are repeatedly facing this problem, continue reading this article for the different fixes to implement.

Method 1: Examine the Hulu Server Status

The P-DEV340 problem on Hulu can be a result of the service’s server status. If the server is down, you will experience the error.

Go to the official social media pages of Hulu to check if there are any complaints about the streaming service. You will get the answer on these pages.

If the servers are down, wait till they get back online. The error will be fixed by itself.

Method 2: Check Your Bandwidth Standards

You can only stream the Hulu content if your internet connection is stable. So, first, check your internet speed.

If it is not up to the streaming standards set by Hulu, the P-DEV340 error will likely arise. Here is the internet speed that Hulu needs.

  • For streaming standard-issue definition or SD content, your internet speed must be 3 Mbps.
  • To stream high-definition or HD content, the speed must be 6 Mbps.
  • If you want to watch 4K Ultra HD content, the internet speed must be 13 Mbps.
  • Users watching live television should aim for an 8 Mbps internet speed.

If your internet connection is weak, follow these tips to fix it.

  • Power cycle the router and modem.
  • Unplug the router’s cable from the outlet and plug it back in after two minutes.
  • Allow the router to boot up.
  • Now, find out if you face this error.
  • Use a wired connection and not Wi-Fi.
  • Talk to your internet service provider if these steps do not work.

Method 3: Update the Hulu Application

As mentioned above, a major reason for the Hulu error code P-DEV340 is often an old Hulu application. So, update the app if you haven’t already and see if the problem gets fixed.


  • Access the Play Store app on your device.
  • Touch the menu icon with three vertical lines. It is right there in the top-left area.
  • Find ‘Hulu’ in the app list and see if an update is available.


  • Access the App Store on your phone.
  • Touch your profile icon. It is right there in the top-right area.
  • In the list of apps with pending updates, find ‘Hulu.’
  • Install the latest updates.

Smart TV

Updating Hulu on Smart TVs depends on the model and the brand of the television you are using. Generally, there’s an option to update apps in the settings menu of the app store or your TV.

Method 4: Delete Corrupt Cache and Data

Another reason why you may be facing this P-DEV340 error is if there excessively corrupt cache and data in the Hulu app. Clear it through these steps.


  • Hold the Hulu app’s icon and tap it.
  • Now, touch ‘App Info’ followed by ‘Storage.’
  • Find the option to clear cache and data and click on it.


iPhone doesn’t need you to clear the app cache. So, there’s no need to clear corrupt cache and data. You can check whether you’ve updated the app and see if that fixes this error.

Method 5: Power Cycle the Streaming Device

Sometimes, a simple power cycle of the streaming device can also clear the P-DEV340 error code on Hulu. Just exit Hulu and unplug the streaming device’s power cable from its outlet.

Let the device stay idle for two minutes. After this time, restart it. Ensure that the device has fully started before checking for the error.

Method 6: Reinstall the Hulu Application

Bugs in the Hulu application can make it witness various problems. If you still haven’t resolved Hulu error code P-DEV340, reinstalling the application may work well.

  • Firstly, remove the Hulu app from your streaming device.
  • Now, restart the device on which you use Hulu.
  • Next, go to the Play Store or App Store and get the Hulu app again.
  • Sign into your account and check if any error shows.

The Bottom Line

The methods in this post will certainly come to your aid in resolving the P-340 error code in Hulu. Apply all of them so you can understand the immediate cause. If you still need more assistance, feel free to Contact Hulu Customer Service Number.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hulu error code P-DEV340?

The Hulu error code P-DEV340 commonly occurs when you load Hulu. There has never been an official statement from Hulu about this error. However, it mainly occurs because of reasons like device and server problems, internet connection issues, and excessively corrupt cache.

Why do I keep getting the error code P-DEV320 on my Hulu?

You will repeatedly face the P-DEV320 error if your Hulu app is unable to communicate with the Hulu servers. If you find this problem appearing while playing a video, start the Hulu app and your streaming device again. You can also try streaming Hulu on another device and see if the problem resolves.

Why do I keep getting error codes on Hulu?

You may get an error code on Hulu because of a glitch with your device, unstable internet, or service disruptions. Some good ways to fix these errors are resetting your streaming device and restarting network devices, such as the router and modem.

Why does my Hulu show error code P-DEV340?

The P-DEV340 error code implies that your Hulu app or streaming device cannot link to the server. As a result, you cannot browse the content. An obsolete version of Hulu is another reason for this problem.

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