How Do I Contact HBO Customer Service

How Do I Contact HBO Customer Service

HBO Max, or Max, as it is now known, is a widely used streaming service. But what should you do when you find unexpected errors or are unable to watch your favorite show? How to contact HBO customer service is a common question at such points.

The official HBO customer service telephone number is (855) 942-6669. Apart from calling, emailing the service, or chatting with Max Digital Assistant on the Help Center page, there are other mediums to get help. Read on to learn about these ways to get assistance in detail below.

HBO Customer Service – Support Options At A Glance

Broadly, you can contact HBO customer service for any issue using one of the following options:

1. HBO Phone support – The HBO customer service phone number (855) 942-6669 is an easy way to talk to a live person.

2. HBO Max Help Center – Visit to access the support page. Here, you get all the information about using Max, dealing with errors, account settings, and more.

3. Access HBO customer service chat – Chat with Max Digital Assistant to get speedy solutions.

4. Max customer service email – Use to send in your concerns.

Call HBO Customer Service Number To Get Help

The support number for Max is (855) 942-6669. It is open from 10:00 to 23:00 on weekdays. If you want to contact HBO Max on weekends, use this number between 12:00 to 18:00. Use these steps when dialing this number.

a. Press 2 to for technical help.

b. You will now be connected with an HBO representative

c. Elaborate on the issue you are facing and get the solution.

How to Contact Someone at HBO On The Web?

 There are several channels through which you can get HBO customer service. Following are the areas where you can send in your query or concern related to different services of HBO.

1. Go to if you have any questions about HBO MAX.

2. For any inquiries regarding HBO NOW, kindly contact

3. For any inquiries regarding HBO GO, kindly contact

4. Please email us at with any queries you may have about closed captions.

5. Please email with any questions you may have regarding copyright violations.

6. For any inquiries regarding documentary screenings, kindly reach out to us at

7. Please get in touch with your TV provider if you have any questions concerning your HBO subscription—whether it be cable or satellite.

How To Contact HBO Customer Service Live Chat?

Yes. HBO Max customer service chat is another way to get solutions almost instantly. To access it, follow these steps.

a. Navigate to

b. On the Help Center page, look at the bottom right.

c. Tap the blue Contact Us button.

d. The Max Digital Assistant will open.

e. Type your problem or choose from the categories you see.

Contact HBO Support On Social Media

Contacting HBO on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can sometimes prove useful. If you cannot reach support via phone or email, use their social media platforms to send them a private message. Here are the official accounts.

a. Twitter (X) – @HBO

b. Instagram – @HBO

c. Facebook – @HBO

What Is the Email Address of HBO?

HBO has an email address to help customers resolve disputes. Most client issues can be promptly and satisfactorily resolved by its customer service staff. You can email to reach HBO Customer Support. HBO agrees to resolve disputes through binding arbitration or small claims court rather than in courts of general jurisdiction in the unlikely event that you’re not happy with customer service’s response or if HBO has not been able to resolve a dispute it has with you after trying to do so through the Informal Dispute Resolution Procedures.

Get Help Through HBO FAQs

HBO usually gets lots of queries through emails. So, it is very likely that you may get a late response by emailing them your concern. In this case, you can look into the Frequently Asked Questions or the FAQs page.

Visit Here you will find answers to general questions, production questions, questions about getting HBO, and questions about licensed HBO merchandise.

Find HBO Support Through the Help Center

In addition, HBO MAX’s Help Center provides fixes and troubleshooting for a variety of issues. The Help page offers troubleshooting techniques for issues with billing, streaming, HBO MAX, login, and account subscriptions. It provides several problems with methodical fixes.

You can also use the search form on this page to find the answers to your specific inquiries. You can also click the “Give Feedback” option to let HBO MAX know if any of their articles have been useful in helping you solve your problem.

How Do You Get a Refund From HBO Max?

You are eligible for a refund from HBO Max in the first 30 days of the subscription. To request a refund, contact the customer support number on your phone. Give complete information about why you are placing this request. HBO Max will then determine if your refund request can be approved.

a) Login to your HBO Max profile, and tap Refund.

b) Give the charges you want to get a refund for.

c) Give the necessary details and hit Send.

d) Your refund will be processed within 10 business days.

Summing up

Now you know how to contact HBO customer service pretty well. We have laid out how to use the best ways, such as phone, chat, email, and Help Center, to get support. Leave your comments here if you have any other doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact HBO customer service by phone?

Dial (855) 942-6669 to contact HBO by phone. You can talk to a human support agent about your issue.

How do I send a message to HBO Max?

Send a message to if you have an unresolved dispute with Max. Besides, you can email for concerns about closed captions and for issues related to copyright breaches.

How do I get Max support?

Use the customer service telephone number (855) 942-6669 to contact Max support. You can also chat or email HBO at

What number is HBO Max?

The HBO Max number to get help for anything is (855) 942-6669. It works from 10:00 to 23:00 five days a week and between 12:00 to 18:00 on weekends.

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